Annie Sloan Workshops

3 Paint Girls offers three exciting workshops designed by Annie Sloan herself where you get to learn and practice various techniques with the world famous Chalk Paint®. 

Our Annie Sloan Workshops are taught by Barb Skivington, a master Chalk Paint® artisan and considered to be one of the foremost authorities on the Annie Sloan brand.  Having studied and worked alongside Annie Sloan herself, she serves as Global Technical Advisor for the brand around the world.  Her years of experience and experimentation have proven invaluable in guiding both professional painters and DIY enthusiasts in the everyday uses for the various Annie Sloan products.

Barb has spent much of her life pursuing her passion for artistic creations that revolve around home decor, including a wide spectrum of finishes for furniture, and cabinetry.  Her brushes have taken her to locations throughout North America as well as Western Europe, Northern Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.  Her work has appeared in several books and magazines, including Decorative Finishes Inspired by the South of France, Marrakesh by Design, Better Homes and Gardens Decorative Paint Techniques, Renovation Style, Paint Décor, and Southern Living Magazine,to name just a few.

Barb strives to offer her students a quality training experience in an environment where students feel relaxed and encouraged to express their creative side