How to Dry Brush with Chalk Paint® by RGC

By Barb Skivington for Real Girls Create

Dry brushing is a quick and effortless way to create a worn look or highlight edges, carvings, and other raised details.

Choose a Chalk Paint® color that offers a pleasing contrast to your existing finish. This mirror with its natural wood finish was dry brushed with Chalk® Paint in Old White.


Dip a dry chip brush into a contrasting color of paint. Add very little paint at a time rather than loading up the brush. Offload the excess onto a dry cloth or paper toweling. You should be able to lightly tap the loaded bristles on the palm of your hand and leave just a dry “powdering” of paint; they should not leave wet paint. Using very little pressure, brush over the surface or any edges and raised details using a quick back and forth motion, slowly building up the color until you are pleased with the results. Don’t rush this process by applying too much paint at one time.


For wall objects, such as the mirror in our example above, this finish can be left as is. On furniture or decorative accessories that will be subject to normal ‘wear and tear’ apply Clear Chalk Paint® Wax to seal and protect your finish. To ‘age’ your finish, follow with an application of one or more colored Chalk Paint® Waxes, pushing the color down into the crevices and removing it from the raised portions.

Adapted from Annie Sloan’s book, Color Recipes for Painted Furniture and More,pp. 98-100.

Permission to publish this article given expressly to 3PaintGirls by Barb’s estate.