Quick and Easy Decoupage by RGC

By Barb Skivington for Real Girls Create

Annie Sloan Image Medium is an all-in-one adhesive and sealer that is perfect for applying beautiful papers to a painted surface.

This beautiful cabinet was lovingly finished by Jelena Pticek
fromPoppyseed Creative Living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Choose a Chalk Paint® color that coordinates with the background colors in your chosen image.

Before painting, make sure that your piece is clean and dry. Shake your can of paint for about 30 seconds. Remove the lid and stir well. Use a stir stick to get down to the bottom of the can and stir in circles, touching the bottom every time to make sure that you have stirred everything up.


Use a Flat Brush to apply one or more fairly smooth coats of paint, avoiding any strong brush marks. If necessary, thin the paint with a small amount of water (about 10%) so that it flows off the brush nicely. Leave to dry.


Trim your image to fit using a pair of scissors. Dampen both sides using a moist sponge to stop any air bubbles from forming when placed over the Image Medium. Don’t soak the paper by applying too much water.

There are many resources for decoupage papers, including wine bottle labels, vintage wallpaper, old books, sheet music, giftwrap, magazines, etc. You can also use laser-printed or photocopied images.

Apply a liberal coat of Image Medium over the area where you want to place the image; do not let it dry. Next, lay your image over the still wet Image Medium, starting at one end and carefully pressing it into place with the brush to prevent any air bubbles from getting trapped underneath. Then gently brush over the image with more Image Medium to help fix it in place and leave to dry. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. Clean your brush immediately after use with hot soapy water.

Apply a second coat of Image Medium and leave to dry. Repeat, if desired, until you build up enough layers to give you a smooth surface.



Image Medium is both an adhesive and sealer, so there is no need for further protection. However, you could age or alter the look of your finish with a colored Chalk Paint® Wax.

For more techniques for decoupage, see Annie Sloan's books Quick and Easy Paint Transformations, pp. 124-125, 134-137; Color Recipes for Painted Furniture and More, pp. 82-83.

Permission to publish this article given expressly to 3PaintGirls by Barb’s estate.