Scrubby Soap - Orange or Lemon

Need to clean all that ink, paint and wax off your hands?  SCRUBBY makes your hands feel really fresh and clean. It is made of an all natural soap formula. Even more, the scrubber infused in this bar just makes cleaning easier!

These bars are made of all natural biodegradable oils. The combination of citrus oil and the scrubber creates the ultimate soap for removing dirt, grease, oil, and paint. Scrubby is not just for your hands, it is also a superior product for cleaning artist paint brushes.


Natural Essential Oils - No Fragrances - Made in USA

A special blend of ingredients combined with a patented natural soap infused scrubber creates a bar of soap that provides deep cleaning and moisturizing, so there is no need to grab another product or tool to finish the job.

Choose from Lemon or Orange below.